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Pre-Approval to Obtain Financing to Buy a Home
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Getting pre-approved by a reputable mortgage consultant is a necessity in today's home-buying process.  Please see our Pre-Approval page for more information on obtaining a pre-approval.  If you are ready to make home buying a reality, click HERE to get started.  You will be asked to create an account on our secured loan management platform.  Once logged in, you will be asked several questions about your income, employment, assets, etc...  Please ensure that you enter the data as accurately as possible, as the details matter.  Once the application has been completed, we will be notified and will begin the initial review.  Expect us to reach out soon after completion.  If you have questions that need answers ahead of you completing the application, click HERE to set up a call with Ryan.

Refinancing Options

If you are already a homeowner and have an interest in discussing refinancing options, Mortgage Acuity can provide you with several options including:

  • Rate and term refinance:

    • Secure a lower rate and or change the number of years of the loan term

  • Cash-out refinance:

    • Convert the equity in your home to help pay for education costs, home improvements, debt consolidation, solar panels, or just receive cash in hand 

Second Mortgages & Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)

Occasionally, homeowners want to convert their equity into cash, but they don't want to refinance out of the low rate they currently have.  There are other options such as fixed-rate second mortgages and variable (adjustable) rate home equity lines of credit (HELOC).  Click HERE to go to our blog site for an overview of the key differences between the two.  While a second mortgage or a HELOC may initially sound like a better option than refinancing, these products typically come with higher rates and additional risks, which are also covered in our blog.

Construction & Rehabilitation (Rehab) Loans

Mortgage Acuity has several options for those looking for ground-up construction loans, loans for home additions, or loans needed for the rehabilitation of existing properties. 

Non-Qualified Mortgage (non-QM) Loans

Not everyone can support their ability to repay the debt with W2s and pay stubs.  It is not uncommon for Mortgage Acuity to encounter borrowers needing more flexible income requirements, e.g., qualifying based on personal or business bank statement deposits or on a recent profit and loss (P&L) statement.  These loans are also termed alternative documentation loans.  Check out our blog HERE for additional information about non-QM loans.

Hard Money Loans

When standard credit risk requirements cannot be met by the borrower, Mortgage Acuity can access sources of funds that have reduced credit risk requirements, more flexibility, and a more expedited process.  Hard money loans fill this need.  Check out our blog HERE for an overview of what hard money loans are and how they work great for the right borrowers. 

Mortgage Training Sessions (for agents and homebuyers)

We offer very detailed residential mortgage training sessions.  Currently, they are at no cost to the participant, so please take advantage.  These sessions are taught live on Google Meet with Ryan McPartland as the trainer.  The interactive sessions typically run from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the number of questions.  Click HERE for an overview of what topics are covered in these sessions as well as the session dates and times.  Click HERE to book a session.

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